Bedding for Better Sleep in Your New Hampshire Home

What’s the most-used piece of furniture in your home? Your bed.

According to the Better Sleep Council, the average American spends 220,000 hours—that’s about one-third of the typical lifetime—in bed. A great bed with a supportive mattress, box spring and pillow that suits your sleep style is quite literally the place of your dreams—and you can find one at New Hampshire’s furniture store, Harris Family Furniture.

Sleep Science has advanced!     

There are many more choices today in bedding than there used to be, featuring new materials and technology. If you haven’t replaced your mattress in more than eight years, you’re overdue. But what you’re looking for from a mattress remains the same: you need a supportive, comfortable sleep space that keeps your spine aligned. It’s important to note here that everyone’s body is different.

Other variations—firm or soft, cool-sleep surface, adjustable levels, pillow-top or gel, memory foam or latex or organic cotton—are up to you. Which is why you have to try them out at one of Harris Family Furniture’s three locations.

A regular at the chiropractor? Check out the King Koil Spinal Guard. Like to sit up and watch TV in bed? Take the Sealy Ease adjustable power base for a spin.

How much should you spend?

A good mattress and matching box spring (think of this as the foundation of your mattress and yes, it makes a difference) is an investment in your well-being. Tossing and turning or an inability to stay comfortably asleep affects the entire waking day and your on-the-job performance.

Your Harris Family Furniture sales consultant will help you select the best you can afford, from our wide range of styles and prices, featuring the top names in sleep: Laura Ashley by King Koil, Natura, Sealy Posturepedic and Stearns & Foster.

Do you flip your pillow all night long in search of the cool side? Bedgear pillows are made to be cool, soft, supportive and comfortable all night.

Besides carrying the best brands in the bedding business and representing the latest in sleeping comfort and design, New Hampshire’s favorite furniture store offers a wide assortment of accessories from pillows to mattress protectors.

So, just imagine, off to bed on your new Harris Family Furniture sleep suite, with a bedtime book perhaps, you turn to the last page you were on and… oh, asleep already? Sweet dreams…


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