Bedding for Better Sleep in Your New Hampshire Home

What’s the most-used piece of furniture in your home? Your bed. According to the Better Sleep Council, the average American spends 220,000 hours—that’s about one-third of the typical lifetime—in bed. A great bed with a supportive mattress, box spring and pillow that suits your sleep style is quite literally the place of your dreams—and you […]

Relax in Comfort with Outdoor Furniture

The days are getting warmer and the snow is beginning to recede.  It is the perfect time to consider getting your porch, pool, or patio ready for hours of relaxation this spring and summer.  At Harris Family Furniture, we are committed to helping you bring the comfort of your home to the outdoors.  We carry […]

Dress Your NH Home for the Holidays!

Opening your home to friends and family this season? Make sure it’s furnished and dressed to impress! Darkness descends so early this time of year; it’s no wonder we love holiday lights and bright displays. But how welcoming is your home? Here is a simple tip to find out. First, turn on your lights right […]

Pre holiday time – a perfect time to shop for furniture in NH!

When you think about it, pre holiday time is a great time to shop for furniture in New Hampshire. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost is you’ll be ready to please and impress the guests who’ll visit your home during the holiday season. The cooler early fall weather makes browsing through beautiful […]

Rebranding One of New Hampshire’s Most Established Furniture Stores

If you’ve visited our website lately or seen one of our new signs, you may have noticed something different about our brand. Yes, our visual identity is changing as we undergo our third major transformation in more than fifty years.  A new generation of leadership is helping to guide our company through today’s retailing challenges […]

Upgrading Furniture – from Starting Out to Settling Down

Whether you rent or have owned a home for years, finally having the budget to replace your old furniture is a positive change that can be very exciting. For some of you, there comes a time when your parent’s second hand living room and dining sets just have to go! And for others, it’s all […]

Comparing Furniture Quality in New Hampshire

Furniture stores in New Hampshire offer a very diverse range of quality options.   Here in New Hampshire where we have a great retailing environment, you can find everything from deep-discount, brand “look-alike” furniture to the very finest heirloom quality pieces from quality brand manufacturers that can provide style and comfort that will last for […]

Choosing Furniture for Second Homes in NH

Choosing Furniture for Second Homes in NH New Hampshire is the “home of vacation homes” for many New Englanders as well as folks from other regions of the country. We have some of the most beautiful lakes, mountains and coastal areas in the world! Fortunate homeowners come here to escape their general life and work […]

Furniture in NH – A Seasonal Makeover

New Hampshire furniture store customers understand seasonal change better than anyone else in the world. Many of us like to change the look and feel inside our homes to compliment the amazing change of seasons; our warm green summers, crisp colorful autumns, and frigid white winters. We left out spring because there is no such […]

Concord’s Busiest Furniture Store – Outside of Concord, NH

If asked to name a local furniture store,  Concord, New Hampshire residents would likely say Harris Family Furniture. After all, we have been serving the residents of Concord for over two decades. However, our store is actually located in the sleepy little town next door called Chichester. Regardless, Harris Family Furniture’s Route 4 store has […]

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