Choosing Furniture for Second Homes in NH

Choosing Furniture for Second Homes in NH

New Hampshire is the “home of vacation homes” for many New Englanders as well as folks from other regions of the country. We have some of the most beautiful lakes, mountains and coastal areas in the world! Fortunate homeowners come here to escape their general life and work routines to get away for relaxation and recreation.

Furnishing your second home (vacation home) can be a fun and rewarding endeavor and we’re offering an important piece of advice when choosing the types and styles of furniture that will support your “getting away from it all” lifestyle. Following our simple advice will help assure that you will savor your vacation home experiences more and add memories that will last a lifetime. So what is this advice?

Our furniture choice recommendation is really about what NOT to do. That is, do not try to replicate your first home’s style or create similar styles, moods and settings that you experience at home every day. The whole purpose of getting away is to get away! You’ll want to look forward to a change of pace in a uniquely different place when you’re away from your typical routines.

As you and your family experience all the joys of a New Hampshire summer by the lake or at the beach, when you get back to your second home retreat, you’ll want those relaxing and fun vacation feelings to continue inside. So make your furniture accessories and decorations reflect life at the lake, in the mountains or at the beach, not just being back home in the neighborhood.

A few second home furnishing ideas may include:

  • Ottomans on casters with room inside for extra linens, pillows or a throw.
  • Futons – more casual and easy to move around.
  • Slide baskets or themed containers (a lobster trap for a beach house, tackle box for a fishing themed camp.)
  • Sofa beds can expand sleeping space.
  • If lots of kids will visit, how about a bunkhouse-style room with bunk and trundle beds?
  • Keep upholstery care easy. Use slipcovers can pop in the washer.

In general, whether it’s for the living room, kitchen & dining areas, bedding or outdoor furnishings, get creative when choosing your vacation home furniture. We’re always told to “think outside the box” when creating really great experience. Here’s your challenge to think outside your house when you choose the furniture for your dream vacation home.

Harris Family Furniture has decades of experience furnishing some of New Hampshire’s most impressive vacation homes. Feel free to stop in to one of our 3 NH locations and ask about how our experience can help you choose pieces that are just right for your special get-away place!

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