Furniture in NH – A Seasonal Makeover

New Hampshire furniture store customers understand seasonal change better than anyone else in the world. Many of us like to change the look and feel inside our homes to compliment the amazing change of seasons; our warm green summers, crisp colorful autumns, and frigid white winters. We left out spring because there is no such thing as “springtime” in NH. Here we have “mud season” instead!

Furniture in New Hampshire can be a seasonal affair both inside and outside the house. Your deck, patio, porch or pool area needs durable outdoor furniture that can stand up to the elements and be moved and stored easily before the snow piles up. As colors, temperatures and landscapes change outdoors between the seasons, your furniture can be seasonally adjusted to make you feel more in sync with the world outside.

Summer and winter are stunning opposites here in New Hampshire. There couldn’t be more contrast between the two seasons, so keeping the dark rich colors and textures you enjoy during the winter can make you feel “out of sorts” in the summer. Summer calls for bright, open, smooth, breezy and minimal. Winter calls for shadowed, cozy, rich, warm and plush.

Our moods change as the seasons change and your furniture selections – as well as how you arrange it all – allow you to adjust your indoor setting to better fit your seasonal moods. Your selections of rugs and accessories can go a long way in creating just the right feeing in the room – the right mood to enjoy the current season at home. You may want to consider changing out major pieces like sofas and chairs. Leather and wood finishes can offer cooler comfort in the summer while a plush fabric is preferable for softness, coziness and warmth in the winter.

More reasons for seasonal furniture adjustments in NH.

The dramatic light changes from the sun’s shifting angles significantly alter our daytime lighting, not to mention daylight duration and how that changes our routines. Changing your accessories and furniture styles or arrangements helps you take advantage of changing light conditions. Perhaps moving a hutch or tall piece in the fall can block an unwanted ray of afternoon sunshine that isn’t a problem during the summer.

We mentioned the cooler feel of leather as well as smooth, firm surfaces like wood in the summer. That’s compared with the cozy warmth of a soft or plush fabric and darker color in winter. Still more reasons for seasonal furniture changes include better house cleaning opportunities as you get behind and move things around. And, quite simply, change is good!  Adjusting your indoor environment to compliment the seasons allows you to appreciate your home in new and different ways throughout the year.

We love the change of seasons in New Hampshire here at Harris Family Furniture. We’ve lived here all our lives and enjoy helping summer home owners and NH natives select just the right furniture and accessories – for every season!

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